Upcoming Series

September 2022:

Power for Salvation. This series is a four-week journey through the book of Romans. This Pauline epistle encompasses a vast amount of foundational theological truths for the Christian life. The series is a bird’s-eye view from thirty-thousand feet, describing the sinfulness of humanity, the atoning work of Christ, the transforming power of the Spirit, and the new ethic for the Christian life.

October 2022:

On the Run. Never Out of Reach. This sermon series follows characters in the Bible who found themselves on the run. No matter where they hid or how far they ran, they were never out of the reach of God’s loving care and attention.

November 2022:

The Gratitude Challenge. During the time of Thanksgiving, a lot of people will do a gratitude challenge. This three-week series examines Scripture to see what gratitude might look like if it was practiced every day and if we found reasons to be grateful even for the hard things in life.

December 2022:

The Thrill of Hope. This four-week Advent series reminds us of the promises God made to his people about a coming Messiah and shows how Jesus’s birth fulfilled God’s promise of hope.

Christmas Day 2022:

A Wonderful Life: Renewing Our Wonder. This year, on Christmas Day, we will will explore the power of the incarnation of God in Jesus and the importance of God dwelling with a broken humanity to bring about redemption.

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