Upcoming Series

May 2022:

Spring: Welcome to New Life. This four-week series uses illustrations from the natural world and the impending new life seen in spring as reminders that Jesus offers us new life, hope, and a trustworthy plan. While we watch winter fading away and spring beginning to unfurl, we can remember that Jesus’s resurrection is our sure and certain reason for hope, even amidst suffering.

May-June 2022:

Resolving Everyday Conflict. Wherever two or three are gathered, there will be conflict. Thankfully, Christ is there too (Matthew 18:20). This four-week series leads us through four basic movements to resolve everyday conflicts that inevitably arise, relying in part on the book Resolving Everyday Conflicts by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson. Through this series, we will be encouraged and equipped to glorify God, admit mistakes, bring attention to the harm done by others, and seek reconciliation. Peace is ultimately a gift from God and a fruit of the Spirit, but there’s still much we can do to welcome and cultivate it in our daily lives and relationships.

June-July 2022:

Power for Salvation. This series is a four-week journey through the book of Romans. This Pauline epistle encompasses a vast amount of foundational theological truths for the Christian life. The series is a bird’s-eye view from thirty-thousand feet, describing the sinfulness of humanity, the atoning work of Christ, the transforming power of the Spirit, and the new ethic for the Christian life.

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