Upcoming Series

September 2020:

Using the book of Proverbs, The Path sermon series encourages us to remember that it is not enough to have good intentions alone, but that wisdom counsels us to take action steps in our lives that will bring those intentions and desires to fruition.

The Path of life is filled with many twists and turns, it is not an easy course to navigate on our own. This is exactly why God has not left us to ourselves. Instead, He has provided us with the perfect wisdom we need for the journey ahead through the infallible Word of God. In this series, Pastor Hal Seed offers us incredible insight into the principles that will keep our head, our heart, and our life on the right track.

October – November 2020:

The Sermon on the Mount has been called the greatest sermon ever preached. In it Jesus lays down the ethics of the kingdom of God. Among the topics Jesus taught on are authority, money, lust, divorce, prayer, fasting, and the importance of building our life on a solid foundation. The series will challenge you and compel you to heartfelt obedience.