What to Expect

When Should I Arrive?

Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early. You might be greeted by a few people as you make your way to the lobby. Help yourself to a cup of coffee and refreshments in our cafe. On your way to the main auditorium, you can drop your children off at Kingdom Kids, our children’s ministry facility. Once you’re in the auditorium, feel free to sit anywhere you like; there’s no reserved seating. If you have any questions, we’re available to help and serve. Flick through the brochure, enjoy the house music, the service will begin momentarily.

How Should I Dress?

There’s no need to go on a shopping spree before coming to church. Please feel free to dress casually. Come as you are!

What’s the Service Like?

We love to worship God through music. If you don’t know the songs, just enjoy the music and let it minister to you. After the music you’re likely to hear a few announcements and have an opportunity to give – please don’t feel obligated to give. Our goal is for you to connect with God, as well as with others in the church.

We also believe in studying God’s word; it’s an essential part of the discipleship process and it can stimulate spiritual growth. Someone on the preaching team will invite you to a corporate time of the study. We always preach sermons that are biblical, relevant, and offer practical points of application, so that the discipleship process can continue to work itself out during the rest of the week. We love to engage the congregation on the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels by allowing God’s Word to speak for itself. Additionally, we utilize sermon notes, sermon props, multimedia presentations, humor, and stories that highlight biblical truths.