Origin is a community of real people living real lives, all of whom have in some way encountered Jesus. Some have walked with Him for years, while others are still figuring out who He is. Regardless of where people are at in their spiritual journey, Origin is an expression of the church which is committed to loving God and loving other people. If you'd like to explore the meaning of becoming a Follower of Christ or connect with an authentic community of seekers and believers, we'd like to invite you to become a part of the Origin community.


The aim of our community is to create a fresh expression of the Church in the twenty-first century; one which (1) incarnates the radical love of Jesus in the midst of great brokenness, and (2) becomes known for breathtaking acts of justice and compassion, which are all fueled by the love of Jesus.


Our services are Sundays at 5PM!


We hope to meet you soon,


The Origin Community




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